COVID-19 Impact on Schooling & SOI/MOS Graduations

COVID-19 Impact on Schooling & SOI/MOS Graduations

COVID-19 Impact on USMC, Marines, and Family Members

Information on this page is subject to ongoing and continual updates. Please use resource links provided for the most up-to-date information.

We will only share information that comes directly from the Department of Defense or US Marine Corps. Our sources for information will be Official Marine Corps social media pages, websites, and Base Public Affairs Offices. Visit the following links or pages for information:


  DOD PDF REVISED 3/13/20 10:15 PM


See the FULL PAGE of details using the 2nd Gold Button in this red alert section for press releases from the DOD.

Travel restrictions from the DOD are changing continually during the pandemic. Please see 3rd Gold Button for travel FAQ from the DOD.

Travel Restrictions

The purpose of the DOD imposed travel restrictions is to protect our fighting forces from contracting the Coronavirus during these uncertain times. Travel restrictions from the DOD are changing continually during the pandemic. Please see the red alert section above with a PDF file for travel FAQ from the DOD.

Additionally, see this page for press releases from the DOD on travel. We are updating this as often as the DOD sends out press releases.

Currently, there are some military bases that are closed to visitors. If you need to get on a military base, we recommend calling the visitor's office first to gain more clarity.

Marines in SOI/MCT or MOS Schooling

For Marines currently in schools such as SOI or MOS, plans are being formulated by the USMC now and decisions by the Marine Corps will be made in accordance with the current restricted travel regulations. Marines can likely expect some holding periods and wait times upon completion of SOI and MOS while the travel restrictions are in place.

ALL Graduations

Effective March 13, 2020, the Secretary of Defense has provided direction that public attendance at graduation ceremonies and related activities is prohibited, with no exceptions. This is across the board, and includes all graduations: Recruit Training (boot camp), SOI, MCT, WAB, and OCS.

LIVE Graduations on Facebook

For graduations that will be held and shown LIVE, will create a WATCH PARTY in that Facebook group to share the event with members. At this time, there are no graduations scheduled with a LIVE feed. If you are not a member of our Facebook groups, click here to join one of our groups. (NOTE: You must answer all three questions to be approved as a group member.)

LIVE Parris Island Graduations

MCRD Parris Island will livestream all graduations during this period, which will be available on during livestream and on and after the conclusion of graduation.

From US Marine Corps

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DOD Press Releases COVID-19

USO Airport Operations

Per the Department of Defense: Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, all USO Airport locations in the United States will temporarily suspend operations until further notice in order to maintain safe environments and avoid unnecessary risks of exposure.

Financial Assistance

Service members may be financially impacted by the travel restrictions and closures due to coronavirus. Any service members affected should check with their service relief organization to see if emergency help is available to them. These relief organizations are:

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